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A piece of art is a compact form of the universe.

Digital Art - Fractals

    A fractal is a curve or geometric figure, each part of which has the same statistical character as the whole. Fractals are used in modeling snow flakes, coastlines, and even galaxies.  The math for generating these images is complex but the beauty they create is astounding. All these works were created by MFCarter and are available for print on aluminum.
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I paint abstracts, landscapes, and various other subjects. Click here to check out some of my more recent work.

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Link to the blog posts about my work and the work of other artists who I admire.

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Artist's Statement

A brief verbal representation for, and in support of, my own work to give you, the viewer, an understanding or connection as to where my work is originating from.

Bio of MFCarer

A short of me introducing some of my perspectives on life.

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