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On June 29, thousands of Apple employees and their families marched in the San Francisco Pride Parade. They came from around the world — from cities as far as Munich, Paris, and Hong Kong — to celebrate Apple’s unwavering commitment to equality and diversity. Because we believe that inclusion inspires innovation

The Magically Surreal Work of Alex Stoddard

If Man were meant to fly

Alex Stoddard, is a 20 year old fine art photographer living and working in the Los Angeles area. His work is mystical, magical, modern, edgy and it’s really incredible to behold. He’s now represented by the Fahey/Klein Gallery in Los Angeles where his photographs are being sold alongside Ricard Avedon, Annie Leibovitz, and Peter Lindbergh and others. Prints can be purchased directly from the gallery.

The images below link to his Flickr gallery. He has a much larger collection of his work there and I encourage you to visit it.


Where you grow your home

Where you grow your home.


Our mortal reality

Our mortal reality.


In the wake of thunder

In the wake of thunder.


The animals

The animals.


Hostile territory

Hostile territory.


If man were meant to fly

If man were meant to fly.


To beg for a tide

To beg for a tide.


A destructive force

A destructive force.


The journey a soul must take when its body has failed

The journey a soul must take when its body has failed.


Ways to find Alex Stoddard:



The Humorous Moving Images and Photography of Romain Laurent

Romain Laurent

Romain Laurent studied at the Ensaama National School of Applied Arts. In addition, he studied photography in Paris. His ideas are contemporary, fresh, and energetic. Born and raised in the French Alps he now lives in New York City where he specializes in people photography, moving images, and short videos.

The moving images below are called loop portraits.  He tries to create a loop portrait weekly.  His photographs are equally creative and humorous and I’ve included several of them as well.  He also does short films and advertisements and I’ve included his latest Hermés ad below called Man on the Move. More of his videos can be found on his website and on Vimeo.


Loop Portraits

Purple Smoke

Book Head

Shuffle Feet

Rotating LegsBoard


Surfer in the city



Man on the Move

Award Winning, French Photographer Denis Dailleux

Photographer Denis Dailleux

Selection of images by award winning,  Cairo based, French photographer Denis Dailleux including selections from his series Fils de Roi, Portraits d’Égypte and Ghana, Mothers and Sons .

Denis Dailleux has been living in Cairo for almost a decade. His connection to the Egyptian people is very loving as the photos of the Mothers and Sons demonstrates. In addition, the work is very insightful and demonstrates a great respect and compassion for people under various living conditions. It has the power to move people the world over.

Denis Dailleux - Ghana

Denis Dailleux - Sons of the King

Denis Dailleux - Ghana

Denis Dailleux - Mothers and Sons

Denis Dailleux - Mothers and Sons

Denis Dailleux - Mothers and Sons

Denis Dailleux - Mothers and Sons

Denis Dailleux - Mothers and SonsDenis Dailleux - Mothers and Sons

Denis Dailleux - Mothers and Sons


Yanis Marshall | Another High Heeled Viral Dance Hit

Yanis Marshall Rehearsal for Britain's Got Talent

Three Frenchmen are ready to steal your dancing shoes… in this rehearsal for Britain’s Got Talent. Their energy is high and even though their stiletto heels seem kinda gimmicky, it’s a fun watch. 

Yannis is in the middle and he’s with the Boys Arnaud Boursain & Mehdi Mamine. They went all the way through to the Final of the show! 


The performance on Britain’s Got Talent

The Creative Photography of John Dugdale



John Dugdale is an artist who lives in Greenwich Village and Upstate New York. His themes are of survival and triumph. His work is sensual, emotionally rich, and just plain beautiful. He was diagnosed with HIV over 21 years ago and became nearly blind. This life altering event forced him to see photography at a new and more personal level.  His photographs are different. They are influenced by 19th century imagery and are many times blue cyanotypes. He also produces albumen and platinum prints.

His volume of work is large and he has works exhibited in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Whitney Museum of Fine Art in New York City. He has more than twenty solo exhibitions world wide and his art is available for sale in various art sites on the web.

Below is a sample of some of his works:


In the shadow of his beloved



The Artist's Mother



The Homoerotic Photography of George Platt Lines

George Platt Lines


George Platt Lines was a fashion photographer. His clients included Saks Fifth Avenue and Vogue. At Vogue he photographed Katherine Hepburn, Rosalind Russell, Gloria Swanson, and Orson Wells.  While a success at this, he was largely disinterested in commercial work.

What he had a passion for was nude and homoerotic photography. He started by taking nudes of his friends, including Yul Brynner. This work was private and remained unpublished for many years. There was no commercial idea behind this work, because of the time it could not be exhibited nor published in any way. Much of this work would have been lost if Dr. Alfred Kinsey had not taken interest in it. Kinsey was interested in his work because he was researching homosexuality in America at the time.

When he was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in 1955, Lines destroyed most of his work and negatives. Much of his remaining work in nude and homoerotic photography he donated to the Kinsey Institute where it remained until 2011 when it was made public and published.  The body of the work is considered some of the best nude male photography of the era.

What I have included below is just a small sample of his work. You can find many, many more examples on the web and published in various books. The body of his work is very big and well worth checking out.


Gordon 1954






Yul Brynner

geor 6